Country: ITALIA

Tel: +39 0356663486

Stand: C15

The constant attention to technological progress in the wood sector has allowed ITALPRESSE S.p.A. expand, throughout its trajectory, the range of its products, turning it into one of the most significant that nowadays is in the international market.
Italpresse SPA offers customized solutions for the following industrial processes of wood:
Manufacturing lines for the production of:
• Plywood boards
• Alistonados boards
• Laminated Boards
• Structural laminated beams
• Tricapa and Solid Wood Boards
• Paneled and Sandwich Panels
• Doors in all types
• Multilayer parquet (cold or hot solutions)
• Plywood or solid wood bends
• Furniture (integral factory from the inputs to the loading dock)

Categoría: Veneer pack shears / Embossing machines / FIMMA / Veneer guillotines / clippers / Machines and equipment for manufacturing picture frames and frames / Machines and technical equipment for primary processing (production of semi-finished products) / Machines and technical equipment for secondary processing (laminating, machining, gluing of solid timber) / Machines and technical equipment for assembly, packaging / Machines and plants for prefab house construction / wood frame construction / Machines and plants for timber construction / Machines and plants for structural timber elements and timber construction / Machines and plants for special product groups / Machines and plants for special processes / Machines and plants for windows and facades / NIVEL 2 PABELLÓN 8 / Other auxiliary machines, equipment and devices / Presses / Presses / clamps for corner joints / Continuous press / laminating systems / Cycle presses / Presses, laminating and profile wrapping machines for solid coating materials (veneering, laminating, film coating, etc.) / Presses and equipment for gluing of solid timber components / Production of veneer plywood and laminated veneer lumber / Carcass gluing station / Materials handling technology / Robots technology / Assembly technology / Materials handling, warehousing and commissioning technology / Roller conveyors

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